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Hi, I’m Guy Monroe Lietzman, The Charisma Coach. For the past 10 years, I’ve been helping people just like you develop personal charm and authentic social comfort when public speaking, making presentations, making sales calls and meeting new people. Let me show you how to share your finest qualities on demand. The most important thing is for you to be ready.


I think you are, because you are here. You wouldn’t be here if you were not.

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Just by the fact that you are reading this page you have a strong desire to embrace and develop your charismatic superpowers. That sounds magical and I assure you it is not. Your charismatic abilities can be enhanced by focusing on them.

Massive congratulations for taking action.

I want you to know up front, that I am the LIVING PROOF that these tools work. (I was a charming, charismatic student in High School and college, who won numerous trophies for my acting and singing abilities. I won every audition, and decided to move to Hollywood to begin pursuit of an acting career and developed a tremendous stage fright disorder so severe and intense that I could no longer audition and had to give up my acting dream). I discovered how I created the anxiety and how to overcome them. Not only how to overcome them but also how to thrive when on the spot. You can too.

IF you just take that first step forward — just like I did.

And I want to help you do just that — starting today! Not next month.

Not next week. Not tomorrow…


This is Dr. Joe Vitale, You may know me from the movie, “The Secret” or one of my many books such as “The Attractor Factor”. I Love Guy Monroe, I Think he’s a wizard! He is a guy who is helping me open my vocal expression, so I can do better and command more. I’m learning how to sing, I am in fact singing! I’ve been working with the guy for about a year now. He is a wizard of words, a wizard of emotions, he is taking me to whole new levels of possibilities.

I’m coming out with my own music CD’s, I’ll be singing on stage, have my own performance very soon all because of Guy Monroe. If you have any interest in vocal expression, improving your speaking or singing or anything along those lines, go see Guy Monroe, it will be worth every penny! – Dr. Joe Vitale • Star of “The Secret” Movie.

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I’m Jackie B. Prosecuting Attorney for Williamson County. I highly recommend Guy Monroe for Trial Attorneys and really anyone who wants to be able to COME ALIVE and CONVEY TRUTH to anyone else. Guy helped me feel so incredibly COMFORTABLE WITH EXPERIMENTING, GETTING OUTSIDE THE COMFORT ZONES, letting go of people’s expectations. So much of the time I’m so aware of the jury and not aware of myself. Guy helps me with my animation, using my eyes to seek out inspiration in the courtroom.

The ability to use my voice in ways which INCREASE CONFIDENCE. It’s all about your ability to FOCUS ON the things which inspire you as a speaker. LEARNING HOW TO MEET YOUR NEEDS AND SUPPORT YOURSELF while presenting. I learned from Guy how to CONVINCE MYSELF by seeking inspiration. I highly recommend you work with Guy Monroe to DEVELOP YOUR CONFIDENCE so you can be MORE EFFECTIVE presenting before other attorneys, administrative law. Guy helps you COME TO LIFE! – Jackie B., Prosecuting Attorney, Williamson County, TX

I have the responsibility for the global sales for the second largest computer manufacturer in the world. I came here because when I spoke publicly, I had developed a stage fright issue, an anxiety problem. After training with Guy I can begin to see where this anxiety comes from. One of the things I’m discovering with Guy is that it’s the personal level of intensity that I now can take my normal delivery of the material and intensify it up into higher levels.

I now can walk out on a stage, in front of a large number of people, under virtually any circumstance AND FEEL COMFORTABLE DELIVERING MY MESSAGE to that audience in a COMPELLING, RELAXED WAY. BE DRAMATIC, HAVE FLAIR, AND MAKE MY POINTS MORE EFFECTIVELY! Anyone who wants to be better at public presentations or benefit from a better public image. Seeing Guy Monroe is DEFINITELY A STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION! – Bart A. Business Director • Austin, TX

My name is Nathan Palmer, I would recommend that if your an Attorney and you would like a more persuasive speaking style, have more power in your oral arguments, feel more at ease in your speaking in the courtroom, outside of the courtroom, getting on the phone talking with clients, talking to opposing council, to come work with Guy Monroe and get it down. I came in too see Guy because I wanted to develop the skill of being an orator, of speaking clearly, of presenting in public in way that portrays emotion, controlled aggression and advocacy. I think this is a great environment for attorneys. You will acquire a skill set working with Guy Monroe that you won’t get in law school.

In law school, they don’t teach you how to stand up without the nerves without the fear of talking to the court or the jury, they teach you the content. In law school they teach you what to say, not how to say it. Public speaking is not a skill that you work on in law school. Writing is a skill that you develop in your law practice not public speaking. Since I’ve been working with Guy I notice a dramatic improvement in my confidence. The same kind of confidence I need in order to to feel confident in front of a courtroom, standing before a jury. Thanks’ to Guy, I now have the ability to access my confidence on demand. Being able to access confidence and conviction in my case is priceless. Being able to turn it on. If you desire to be a good orator, a great advocate day in and day out with conviction and consistency, come work with Guy Monroe and get it down.

Hi, my name is Tim Liederbach. I called because I had a lot of doubts and doubts when I would go up and public speak. I wasn’t having fun and I needed to find a solution. Not only to help myself with public speaking but also in general with life. Did a search, I found Guy Monroe online. It took me a couple days to pick up the phone. Cause I didn’t want to be defined as someone who had something wrong with him that needed to reach out. I was delightfully surprised when Guy introduced me to another tool system that your able to reach for and utilize for situations such as public speaking.

It’s fun now, playing with the unknown. Playing with an audience and playing with yourself. I will definitely take these tools and expand upon them. Anyone who is experiencing anxiety, whether its public speaking or just in your everyday routine. If you have doubts like I did, it will frustrate you and prevent you from living a healthy life don’t be afraid to call Guy Monroe because he will definitely help you out by introducing you to a new set of tools that will make your life so much better.

caveh zehediFIND YOUR NATURE : “Guy Monroe’s approach goes way beyond mere technique to engage a person at the deepest level of their unconscious. His teaching style is not only fun, it is also growthful, healing, and empowering. Guy Monroe has the innate ability to help you move into a trust of the teaching experience. His method is fresh, exiting and delivers. ” Director, Filmmaker and star of the movie “A Waking Life”. Caveh Zahedi.
GET OVER SHYNESS : “Guy Monroe teaches you a new mindset and way of thinking. I tried it on my own, reading new books. But it didn’t work. Experiencing Guy Monroe’s method really brought me out of my shell. He definitely hits the nail on the head. If you have this feeling that your shy, if you have always felt this way or kind of trapped in yourself and you can’t express yourself. If you feel like your being judged, and kind of painful shyness that you have. You don’t have to go through that any more. I highly recommend that you see Guy Monroe.” Student – Austin, TX James F.
BEAUTY QUEEN CONFIDENCE : “Hi! I’m Meghan and a contestant for Miss Austin, Beauty Pageant. Guy Monroe made me jump leaps and bounds from when I arrived to work with him! I want you to know that I’ve worked with many coaches for years for hours upon hours and in the short period of time (one month) that I’ve worked with Guy Monroe, he brought me further in my media interview training far further than all of the training I’ve received in the past. I’m so thankful that I found him! Thanks to him, my responses I give during interviews make me sound so much smarter and intelligent. He helped me think on my feet, improvise and get to the meat of my answers. He has helped me deal with high stakes interview pressure to make me feel so much more comfortable being around people who interview which has dramatically increased my pageant scores. If you are planning to be in a beauty pageant or go out on stage and perform or deal with stage fright he is amazing. If you are on stage and feel nervous and you want to find a way to overcome stage fright, please call Guy Monroe because he is a genius!” Miss Austin Beauty Pageant – Austin, TX Meghan B.
MY MOJO IS BACK : “Hi! My name is Rick. I’m here in Austin, TX building a career. Recently I’ve met someone very special who helped me get my career back on track and that is Guy Monroe. His training is incredible! If your trying to improve your career and you don’t have a coach, you need to talk to Guy Monroe. Guy is a guru at charisma, speaking effectively and public speaking techniques. He helps me get perspective. He’s like the mirror you need. Since we’ve ben working together, I’ve landed a new opportunity. Without Guy’s help, I would not have had the right frame of mind, ben as effective as I could have. It turns out an interview came up that I was a perfect fit for. I met with the developers. A brief 30 minute interview turned into a two and a half hour meeting. We came to a business agreement. I landed the project! I’m so excited! Without Guy’s help, I wouldn’t have landed the deal! Guy can help you pinpoint things that you may not have thought about that would help you. I highly recommend Guy Monroe. Give him a call! ” Local Businessman – Austin, TX Rick R.
MY ART HAS CHANGED : “I’m an artist who specializes in body painting for about 10 years. I came to Guy because I knew that my throat chakra was blocked from a past experience. I can’t even begin to tell you all of the positive benefits which have occurred since working with Guy Monroe. I thought I was here just to fix this one little thing but to my surprise, with his help I began releasing emotions that had been locked up for so long! I can feel my heart opening! I was able to heal a traumatic past experience and it feels like layers have lifted! Just peeling away that I didn’t even know that were there. Since working with Guy my art has changed, other people around me can tell the difference! I want you to experience this! I would suggest that if you feel drawn to him, even if you don’t know why you’ve come, theres a reason. Maybe there’s a part of you that’s been separated that you’ll be able to pull back in and learn how to become whole again. To heal your heart! I highly recommend that you work with Guy Monroe to discover what lies beneath and assist you in your healing.” Artist – Austin, TX Amy Y.
michelli_and_guy_213x168 copyIT’S OK TO SHINE : “I’ve been worrying for years that people won’t like my huge nature. I realize that those beliefs cause me to second guess my every move, shutting me down. I refuse to live that way anymore. After working with Guy Monroe, I realize that when I embrace my unique style, it allows my thoughts and expression to flow. I am Michelli L. I’ve come in here to talk to Guy today. The experiments we’ve explored have confirmed that intensity brings meaning to my moments especially when sharing with others. Not the boredom of repression but the intensity of my expression. Tonight I have a meeting opportunity, with several potential investors. Not everyone in attendance will be as intense as I am. Some people will be intense and some people will not. Some people will be intense like me and some actually pretend not to be. When I expose what I am to others it feels good. I believe that all the intense beings like me, will recognize and resonate will my nature, the others may not and that’s ok. I’m choosing to express myself, my way. I’m confident the intense people will respond to me when I expose my natural intensity. So if you want to discover permission to share the intensity that you are with the world, you come and talk to Guy Monroe.” – Austin, TX Michelli G.
IN TOUCH WITH MY COURAGE : “My name is Celeste. I did have self doubt. My self-doubt made it hard for me to really express myself in the ways I wanted to show people. The techniques that Guy Monroe was able to give me really helped me come out of my self doubt. With Guy’s help I was able to get in touch with the a level of self confidence that I knew that I had inside of me. Working with Guy Monroe I found him to be very caring. If your looking to get in touch with your courage and your assertiveness, I would highly recommend Guy Monroe.” – Austin, TX Celeste C.
MY STAGE FRIGHT IS GONE : “I’m Isabella, I’m 10 years old and I’m starting my own clothing line. Guy Monroe has been a real help to me. I came to Guy Monroe to help my public speaking. My first class I was kind of robotic and I didn’t have a lot of emotion, I didn’t know how to put myself into what I was reading or saying. But now, thanks to Guy’s help I can really invest in what I’m reading or talking about because I have all these techniques. I now know how to use my face (apply gestures, expression and animate myself) and really how to get my emotion into what I am saying. Guy taught me how to amuse myself and I find that when I amuse myself, I become more invested and more relaxed. I use to worry when I was speaking and when I went on stage it could be really scary. I used to worry about disappointing people and experience it to be very nerve wracking and scary. However, Thank to Guy Monroe’s techniques I’ve learned how to become confident. If you have a little bit of stage fright or are nervous when you go on stage, I definitely recommend Guy Monroe.” Professional Painter / Fashion Designer, Creator of Isabella Rose Fashion – Austin, TX Isabella R.



  • DISCOVER AND LEARN : THE END OF ANXIETY • Do you experience anxiety when presenting? This can be removed forever after this training. No kidding. Learn how anxiety is created and how to defeat the habit by actively seeking out positive evidence. Social anxiety occurs the moment we begin seeking anxiety generating evidence in an attempt to gain control. This activity born out of a desire to succeed during high stakes moments actually escalates the very fear we are hoping to avoid. This program will show you how you create faith and calm on demand. You will learn how to occupy, control and thrive in the the present moment. Learn how stop comparing yourself to others. How to enjoy each moment while expressing yourself. Discover how to replace seeking negative evidence with positive when speaking, meeting new people and expressing yourself to others whether a crucial intimate conversation or speaking to a few people at a cocktail party or making a high stakes presentation.

• DISCOVER AND LEARN : HOW THE VOICE WORKS • Do you know how the voice works? Do you like the sound of yours? Would you like to change it? Many people find the sound of their voice unattractive. If it could be changed, they would change it. What if I told you, you can? In this program you will learn how to control the sound of your voice. How to locate and bring out its beauty, discover its power and how to control it. The voice will be demystified, you will know how it functions, why voices are more attractive than others and how to incorporate that beauty into yours. Learn breathing techniques, how to add resonance to your voice, raise and lower to a preferred pitch, elongate vowels to be more clearly understood, add informality to sound friendly and familiar. Believe it or not, your voice is a musical instrument that can be played properly. You will learn how to capture air, get it into your body, how to conserve the captured air, conserve it for long phrases, direct it into the skull to create resonance for projection, making your voice fill the room, sound warmer, brighter and radically improving the tone and intensity of your voice.

• DISCOVER AND LEARN : THE AMUSEMENT METHOD • Can you intentionally inspire yourself while speaking? If you could, wouldn’t that be fantastic? In this program you will learn how to inspire, motivate and propel yourself each moment when public speaking. Learn the new habit of using your mind to think about thoughts that inspire, motivate and propel you, your eyes to seek out objects, shapes, colors and people to inspire, motivate and propel you. Learn how to use your voice by raising and lowering pitch, lengthening the duration of vowels and applying informality to open the heart of your audience when speaking. Learn how apply physical movements such as gestures, facial activities, leg movements, developing spacial awareness. How to listen to your audience, using your ears to seek out everything that can inspire you. Learn how to get pulled into the stories you tell to gain control of the moment, inspiring yourself and your audience.

GET KNOWLEDGE TO SILENCE THE INNER CRITIC Do you have an internal critic chattering away? Many people do. Would you like to silence this inner critic forever? During a high stakes presentation, have you ever been taunted by an internal dialog in your head telling you how wrong you are and pointing out every mistake? This voice can become a horror picking away at you, judging your every move. The good news is, it is not a devil. Not even a psychological disorder. It’s merely a survival strategy. A tool designed by a young mind with limited resources, attempting to save us from public humiliation. To shame us out of raising our hand in class to avoid the potential trouble. This survival strategy was developed with the best of intentions to keep you out of trouble. Unfortunately, if left operating, this strategy can break your heart, making asking for what you want virtually impossible. Want to turn it off? In this program you will learn how turn it off, pull the plug on this strategy, silencing this dreadful habit for once and for all.

GET KNOWLEDGE TO DISCOVER YOUR UNIQUE STYLE Have you ever asked yourself what percentage of your personal expression is actually yours? A wild question isn’t it? Think about it. How much of your true feelings do you express in your unique way? If you are hiding in plain site as many people do, you are not alone. It is said that many people are living other peoples lives. Isn’t it great when we give ourselves permission to share our true uniqueness with the world? If not, it’s time to begin. This program will show you how to seek out your finest qualities and share them with the world. This program will gently support you in ways to safely explore and honor ways of expression that feel authenticate and resonate with you. This training will show you how to feel good in your own skin. Whether you’re a student, business person, scientist, professional or artist. It is important to feel good when reaching out to others and asking for what you need. Learn how to explore your unique nature with kindness, embrace your intensities, sense of humor, your rhythm, pace, tone and style. How to unlock your strengths, build upon them and apply them to your expressive style. If passionate, embrace and use it, if quiet and thoughtful use that too. In this training you will not be made wrong, you will only discover that the more people get an opportunity to see who you truly are, the more at ease they will become and fall in love with your authentic expression.

GET KNOWLEDGE TO DISCOVER THE LEADER WITHIN YOU Are you comfortable making demands of others? If so, you are not alone. It is not uncommon to experience difficulty being willful and assertive. Many of us have not been successful asking for what we want. Many have stopped asking. Many of us were taught “who do you think you are”? Like many things, asking for what you want is a skill and not asking for what we want is a path to despair. To have a great life we must learn how to effectively ask for what we want. This is a demand. Is there a way to ask that is attractive? Yes. This program will show you how to get in touch with your passion, learn to not be afraid of your will and how to express yourself at levels of intensity which others can receive. Learn how to trade in the withholding pressure cooker strategy for communication mastery. Learn how to be direct and yet empathetic at the same time, to be transparently expressive without repression and discover your assertive nature. Learn the difference between assertiveness, aggression, and violence. Give yourself permission to assert your will applying positive influence on individuals as well as groups. Learn how attractive your intensity is to others. Learn how to expose your attractive authentic self with the world.

GET KNOWLEDGE TO SHARE YOUR BEST ON DEMAND Time to learn how to think like an Olympic champion and ask yourself, “What else can I give”? Can you remember a time when you thought that way in the past? Are you exhausted? If you’re giving less than your best, you’re not alone. Many people have learned to to give less means less potential for public humiliation. Many people have gotten in the habit of hiding their greatness. This is a tragic mistake, leaving others an impression that you don’t care. Have you gotten burned? Many people have. Were you bubbly, enthusiastic and GungHo but life wore you down? Did you decide to play a lesser role? It’s time to replace those dreadful strategies of suffering and meager reward. In this program you will explore and remember the benefits of enthusiasm and generosity. You will learn how to ignite that spark and turn it into a brilliant bonfire. You will practice generosity when public speaking and become comfortable sharing more. being more charming, exposing your more generous nature and experience the positive reward of such positive feelings. You will learn how to apply multi-tasking to speaking, exposing your faith and comfort in public. You will learn how to become comfortable creating improvisations during your presentations. You will experience far greater pleasure than you thought possible exploring your spontaneous instincts, creating a desire for more. You will learn the power that investment brings, developing a keen sense of confidence, relaxation and control whenever public speaking.

GET KNOWLEDGE TO BECOME THE STORY TELLER Imagine the power of taking your audience on a journey of discovery as the Story Teller. Have you ever seen a great speaker on TED-X do just that? If not, find one. It’s incredible. In this program you will learn how to use inquiry based thinking as used by Albert Einstein and many of the other greatest minds to create solutions which stagger the imagination. Learn how to use this ability to take your audience on a journey of discovery real-time as a kind, curious, enthusiastic and authentically inspired tour guide who can absolutely grip your own imagination and that of the audience as well. Start at the very beginning. You’ve created an outline, you have your bullet points and you use them as guidepost rather than a rule, you use them like an an investigator, a detective, a tour guide investigating every twist and turn, going after your head, going after your heart, directing the data at yourself, stirring and inspiring your emotions and mind. Compelling the audience until the very end.

GET KNOWLEDGE TO KNOW WHAT THEY CAN HEAR A wise man once told me “don’t tell people the truth, tell them what they’re able to hear.” He didn’t mean lie to people. He mean’t use your head before you speak or write. I can express a demand and see what happens or I could express a demand and give you a pillow to land on when you fall over, the fall being caused by how the demand hit you. Everyone is emotional. People are open or closed to a request. How we package and present the request can mean the difference between a yes or a no. We have been taught to be direct but not how to successfully present information in a way that it can be received. It’s one thing to be blunt and offend. It’s quite another to skillfully avoid the mine field of personal defense and provide information in such a way which is embraceable by the recipient. You can apply tools provided by this program permitting you to be direct but also lower defenses. This skill is spectacular when applied effectively to an audience getting helping align with your point of view.

GET KNOWLEDGE TO WIN THEIR HEARTS Winning the hearts of the audience is the focus of every great public speaker. This program can show you how apply the same same techniques they use to make your audience fall in love with you as well. In this program you will learn how to keep the manipulation of your mind and heart in your forefront of your awareness and as you successfully manipulate yourself, you are successfully manipulating your audience. As you authentically align with your proposal so too will the audience. Learn how to get yourself to subtly question beliefs in order that the audience can subtly question theirs. Learn how to open your mind with inquiry based thinking in order to open theirs. Learn how to be kind and up front so your audience can relax and become more open and receptive to what your proposals. Learn how to juggle data and emotions for your audience. Learn how to present in ways that keep the audience with you and open to you and how to get your audience to lower their resistance and say yes to your offer.

GET KNOWLEDGE TO DEAL WITH AUDIENCE CRITICISM The thought of dealing with audience criticism is quite frightening for many people. This program you will show you how to avoid the poor communication pitfalls of the lecture format. Have you noticed how news services, tabloids and shows often present unreasonable, offensive or absolute positions? This program will show you how present yourself in ways which are reasonable, affording the best possible opportunity for consensus, accord and alignment from your audience. Learn how to avoid taking a sensational stance and lecturing at your audience, requiring them to potentially betray their personal experience, religious beliefs, and abandon their reason for your leap of faith. Discover how to replace absolutism and war-like confrontational presentations with those an audience can embrace. Discover alternatives to argumentative statements like all people, everyone, never, forever and always. Learn how to incorporate reasonable phrases such as I suggest, I propose, often, have you noticed, and sometimes.

GET KNOWLEDGE TO REWARD THE AUDIENCE Ever seen a great singer, actor, comic or public speaker? What inspires you when you think about what they do? What impresses you? I propose you are seeing reward in the form of modeling human greatness. This program will teach you how to seek out create inspiration out of thin air. , reach into yourself and massively invest in your moments with generosity. The gift of a great human being is a willingness to expose, and share. This is a form of transparency. Performers are seeking to reward the audience. Not at the end but locate rewards every moment. There are many moments, therefore many rewards. To reward the audience is not only to provide valuable data but also model human generosity. In this program you will learn how give more without judgement or shame, how discover rewards which inspire you and your audience.


STAGE PRESENCE!: “Training with Guy is profound and transformational for me on so many levels! Thank you Guy, for creating such a secure space for me to experience, feel and BE Me! Thank you for helping me move into the fullest expression of me! For so long I’ve felt like the kitten looking in the mirror. Now I can see the lioness. I now feel and trust I have greater access my TRUE SELF!” Austin,TX – Millie West
gisellekoyASSERTIVENESS!: “Guy dismantled the belief system which was holding me back and helped me go beyond my defeatist self-talk. Inspiring and tremendously helpful on so many levels. Guy is really a wonderfully talented teacher and shaman of the highest order masquerading as a coach.” The Muse Austin,TX – Giselle Koy – THE GISELLE KOY SHOW
NURTURING!: “Guy has a personality that is magnetic to begin with and it only gets better from there! His program changed me in so many ways that I never imagined! Anyone who has human contact in their business or personal life would be smart to go to Guy! He is warm, funny, nurturing yet will push you beyond where you thought you could go! And you will laugh the whole way!! Thank you Guy!” Austin,TX – Tabitha Cawthorne
GREAT TEACHER!: “Guy is great! He has some powerful communication techniques that are useful, fun, and guaranteed to help you. More importantly, he’s a great teacher who’s deeply committed to each of his students. If self improvement is what you’re after, this is time and money well spent.” West Point / Harvard Graduate Austin,TX – Jason Lintmeyer
SHATTER OLD IDEAS: “Your method allowed me to relax and trust the public speaking process. Training with Guy Monroe taught me valuable things about myself. Guy Monroe helped me shatter several old ideas that I was taught as a child.” Austin,TX – Bill Henderson
NURTURING!: “I am usually nervous in public speaking situations, but you made me feel comfortable and safe. Time just flew by training with Guy Monroe, I can’t wait to apply everything he’s taught me! :: Author of “Illumination”- Karen Hall
STAGE FRIGHT GONE!: “I will never look at public speaking the same way again. Everything I thought was true has been overturned. Training with Guy Monroe is an eye opening process. It’s like the Matrix and I just took the red pill.” :: Austin, TX – Brent Miller
DISCOVER GREATNESS!: “Discover who is behind the person you’re presenting. Discover your greatness!” :: Business Sales – John Boyden
INSPIRATIONAL!: “I want you to know, training with Guy Monroe is one of the most inspirational experiences I have ever taken to improve my public speaking. These methods truly turn what is learned in the past on it’s ear.” :: Austin, TX – Mike Williams
REFRESHING!: “I walked in on stage nervous and silent. I am now leaving inspired and refreshed at the same time. There are things about public speaking I’ve never noticed or understood. None of what I believed was true. I look forward to absorbing more of Guy’s perceptive and awareness on what we are able to do on stage!. For the first time, I see true potential in the power of my presence!” Austin, TX – Henry Mettler
REVOLUTIONARY!: “Guy Monroe truly takes the complex world of public speaking and broke it down to its essential elements, creating a most practical and revolutionary way of understanding. I felt myself change during every session, lost doubt, hesitation and experienced what it is like to really be set free” :: Austin, TX – Michael Lively
STAGE CONTROL!: Since I started working with Guy, I can control my presence instead of being controlled!” :: Austin, TX – Daniel Chapman
AMAZING TEACHER!: “I came in not knowing what to expect, but I feel I’m leaving with a knowledge most performers don’t ever get to experience. Guy Monroe is an amazing teacher! Now when I practice I know what to focus on. This experience has lifted a weight off my shoulders.” Austin, TX – Aaron Pearson
CUTTING EDGE!: “I have to say that Guy is on the cutting edge and his techniques are something I feel will take you to the next level! This is definitely something everyone should experience! I look forward to learning more!” Austin, TX – Ryan Troy

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